Sweaters & Budgets

modcloth simply snuggly sweaterToday is the day, y’all.

The day that the sun tucked its “over-stayed its welcome” bum behind the clouds and let the fall-chill take over!

I mentioned this sweater a couple weeks ago, and it arrived in the mail last week which meant I had been stalking the weather forecast trying to figure out when it would be cool enough to wear. I actually didn’t think it’s debut would come till Thursday, but apparently the weather gods were just as anxious as me and cooled things down a day early so this beauty could shine!

Isn’t it beautiful? But its more than just a pretty face… ergh… I mean sweater? This thing is also very cozy and more importantly, so so SOFT. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s not going to keep you warm in a mid-west blizzard or anything… but it’s perfect for this California fall-chill we’ve got going on today.

It’s a good thing this sweater is already so beloved, because it was the priciest purchase I made this month.

And speaking of this month’s spending…

I know I mentioned awhile back trying to get some sort of clothing-budget together. But I have been a bit of a slacker in that realm and have been using Poshmark as a caveat to distract me from actually truly budgeting.

In any event as many of you have likely gathered, I am obsessed with Franish’s blog and so today when I saw she did an October budget post, I thought I’d just tally up what I spent this month.

Turns out… I wasn’t totally horrified. I still spent too much but I didn’t actually “spend” over the $200/month I mentioned before. To break it down, I bought $357 worth of stuff but I sold $183 worth of stuff on Poshmark. So that means I spent $174.

So what did I buy?

October Spendy

Most of this I bought second-hand (on Poshmark/eBay/Amazon).

From top left-right:

  • New Modcloth Simply Snuggly Sweater $79
  • Used Angels of North Court Cardigan $30 via Poshmark
  • Used Sparrow Slub Sweater $30 via Poshmark
  • Used Old Navy Rockstar Jeans $12 via Poshmark
  • Used Cloth & Stone Popover $24 via eBay
  • Used Gorjana Mini Mika Necklace via eBay $25
  • Used BB Dakota Tamela Vegan Leather Jacket$40 via Poshmark
  • New Old Navy Striped Tunic $16
  • New Old Navy Grey Tunic $6 not pictured
  • New Laundry by CL Red Suede Wedges $40 via DSW
  • Used Herschel Supply Co. Stride Weekender bag $55 via Amazon

Do I love everything I bought and see a lot of use being made out of each item? YES, most definitely.

Did I need everything I bought? Probably not… except the weekender bag (I was starting to look like a bag lady coming to work with my purse/gym bag/laptop bag).

Did I maybe buy too much? Yes, definitely.

But, believe it or not, this is an improvement from my old habits. I’m really trying to break this bit of mindless spending habit I’ve gotten into since I started making decent money a few years ago.

I think maybe as opposed to a monthly budget I should consider a quarterly one, which seems like it might a bit more flexibility? I’m still not totally sure how to tackle it, but I need to come up with something I can actually stick to. I think my attempt at a no-spend September was a bit unrealistic to try cold-turkey – but the month before that I spent more than I want to admit out-loud (or online)… so my goal is to find a happy medium. A happy medium a little closer to the no-spend September end of the spectrum.

Stay tuned…

Today’s outfit deets

Sweater: ModCloth Simply Snuggly cardigan (exact and its sister in forest green)
Top: J. Crew from awhile ago (similar popover style)
Jeans: 7 for All Mankind the Skinny PRE-PREGNANCY JEANS!!! HOLLA!!! (similar)
Boots: KorkEase Michelle Bootie (exact)

Linking up with Franish Budget Posts & The Pleated Poppy & What I Wore Wednesday


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