Halloween Love Stories

casual friday

Happy Halloween Eve, everybody!

Today I’m dressed up as a “sexy” mom! Or maybe I’m a Zo-MOM-bie? Ergh or maybe I didn’t dress up as anything.

But don’t let my lack of costume fool you! While I’m not much of a holiday person, I absolutely LOVE Halloween. And its not just the candy and costumes (although I’m a sucker for a Mr. Goodbar and a pop-culture referenced costume) this holiday is also kind of a mushy one for my hubs and I.

It was Halloween 2009 when James and I, who had known one another since we were awkward mid-schoolers, started to give one another googly eyes.

I had just moved back to New Mexico after living in New York and almost moving to LA for law-school and was in a bit of a “what am I going to do with my life crisis.” I was working as a cocktail waitress at a restaurant where James was a server in the fine-dining half of the joint. Like I said before, we had known each other for ever, and had worked with one another at several restaurants in college but we had never really thought of the other one in any sensual-kinda way.

Until apparently that Halloween. I don’t know if it was the Halloween booze-brew or the 7-layer-bean dip (I have a habit of bringing said dip anytime I go to parties) but, out of what still seems like nowhere, we were flirting. That flirting led to a few week long text-flirtation and that led to a couple kisses, and that led to a baby.

Hah. OK maybe there was a bit more that happened between the kisses and the baby… like say some dating, some “I Love You” confessions, a couple leases, a couple cats, a dog, a wedding, a move to California annnnd then the baby. And somewhere in there I guess we both sort of figured out what we wanted to do with our lives, and decided we wanted to do it all together… forever 🙂

And so now every Halloween, I’m reminded me of how it all started. And that my friends, is pretty grand.

❤ ❤ ❤

And so today, I’ll keep my Friday Favorites list to one thing. This Friday, in honor of Halloween, my favorite everything is my everything. My hilarious, handsome, hard-working, loving and all around incredible husband. Here’s to a billion million more spooky Halloweens, filled with Mr. Goodbars and 7-layer bean dip.

this guy

Now onto the clothes:

Jeans: 7 for All Mankind The Skinny from a couple years ago (similar)
Jacket: BB Dakota Vegan Leather Jacket (exact)
Top: PACT white v-neck (exact)
Shoes: Converse Shoreline Slip On (exact)

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