Rainy Day Florals

rainy day floralsYou GUYS! It’s RAINING! AND it’s actually chilly! Like I am not dressed warm enough today, chilly. YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

I am so excited about this beautiful gloomy, rainy weather that I didn’t even mind that it took me a solid two hours to get to work this morning. Californians freak the heck out over rain, and apparently everyone forgets how to drive. But… whatever… because today it rained!

To celebrate the glorious rain, I’m wearing my very favorite scarf. Don’t let all these bright colors fool you, it’s 50% wool/50% cotton so it’s nice and toasty without being the least bit itchy.

Speaking of scarves, I’ve been really wanting to jump on this AMAZING trend that is blanket scarves. I am a huge advocate of wrapping myself up in a blanket at any available opportunity, so the fact that it’s become trendy to do that outside of the house is especially exciting to me. Right now I’m really digging this BP blanket scarf from Nordstroms. It reminds me of what might happen if a pumpkin patch and a plaid sweater had a baby… I know that sounds weird… but check it out. I think you might understand what I mean 😉

And in case you’re wondering how the Coach Taylor outfit worked out this weekend… it was perfect. Well except for the fact that Xan would not keep this damn hat on… but it’s cool… as you see we got some good photos with the hat once he fell asleep 🙂

Coach Taylor

Outfit deets:

Jeans: Old Navy mid-rise Rockstar (similar)
Top: LOFT from forever ago (similar)
Jacket: Hinge via Nordstroms (exact)
Scarf: Feathers via Tolani via Anthropologie from forever ago (similar)
Shoes: Korkease Michelle Bootie (exact)

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