Cozy is the new black

blanket scarf cozy I’m into the direction fashion-trends are headed this fall.

Oversized sweaters, blanket scarves, warm-snuggly knit open cardigans…. if things keep going this way I feel pretty optimistic that sweat-pants and forever lazies are on the horizon of possibilities.

Cozy is the new black y’all and I’m all about it.

And today, specifically, I’m all about this blanket scarf. I mentioned last week that I wanted to add one of these to my scarf collection and I did just that this weekend and I’m so-very happy I did.

This Northern California implant has gotten a little too used to all that sunshine and seems to be missing the mark on dressing warm enough for chillier days. I have yet to dig our coats out of storage, which means I’ve been running out of the house sans-jacket on days when I needed it. Today was one of those days.

But luckily, while I forgot to wear a jacket, I did not forget to wear this cozy scarf which so far has kept me nice and toasty.

I had found this post on how to wear a blanket-scarf a little while back and am so glad I did because given the giant size of the scarf (think… blanket size) I was a little lost at first as to how the heck I was supposed to actually assemble this thing. The internets tell me I’m rocking the kerchief-look today.

Have you jumped on the blanket-scarf train yet? No? Well, you should. Like now.

Shirt: Madewell from awhile ago (similar)
Cardigan: J. Crew Perfect Fit Mixed-Tape Cardigan (exact)
Jeans: Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar Jeans (similar)
Shoes: KorkEase Michelle Bootie (exact)
Scarf: BP via Nordstroms (exact)

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5 thoughts on “Cozy is the new black

    • Thank you! Isn’t it the best? I had been ooogling over it for awhile. So glad I finally took the plunge! The warm, cozy, cover yourself in a blanket trend 🙂

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