Corduroys & Conferences


I am at an all day conference today soaking up all sorts of digital magic and wonder.

But this projector party is off-site and I can’t for the life of me find a full length mirror. And I’m still too nervous to ask a coworker to take a photo of my outfit soooo I’ve made a little Polyvore set for you because I really like my outfit today and wanna share the wealth.

While I’m typically a jeans gal all the way, today I’m switching up my casual-pant-wear with some corduroys.

While I love the way colored denim looks, I’ve had mixed luck with finding colors/styles that work for me. Colored cords however, have always seemed to be a bit more forgiving. LOFT carries these same corduroys in all sorts of fun colors! I really wanted the grey pair but my size had sold out so if you look and they have your size, will you buy them and tell me all about them? Please 🙂

I want to try these pants with a black & white striped shirt, but for some bizarre reason I don’t own that very necessary wardrobe staple. Not yet at least.

And if I wanted to get really Christmas-y with it, I think these pants could be fun with my red sweater. But I feel like the green & red combo has a time and a place… and that time/place is not early November.

I’m hoping to replace this pic with an actual outfit-post later… but that depends on where my hubby’s at in the baby-bedtime war routine.

Click on those fancy little thumbnails underneath the main image for outfit deets!

end of the day outfitUpdate! Here’s a picture of me in the outfit! Albeit a little haggard after a loooong day of power-point presentations and shuttle rides 😦 but look at this cute baby all ready for a bath and bedtime snuggles ❤


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