Friday Favorites

green corduroys, chambray popover, floral scarf
I was so nervous about sharing my post from yesterday on my Facebook page but am so glad I did! I hope those of you who started reading yesterday keep coming back 🙂

This baby body struggle has been such a pain in the ass, and even though it can be so different from woman to woman, I think its fair to say we’re all in the same boat with trying to make peace with the new normals that come with parenthood. Whether that be your body, your relationship, your friendships, your career, your ability to binge watch Netflix…

Shit changes, yo!

So onto my Friday Favorites! Which I totally forgot to do last week. I’m still trying to set the tone for this weekly post… so bear with me and if you have any suggestions I love comments!

  1. My favorite outfit from this week was hands-down my blanket scarf look! I almost wore that same scarf today, but thought this floral one went a bit better with these dark green pants.
  2. A friend recently got me into Like to Know It on Instagram. Somehow this service syncs your IG account so that every time you “like” a participating blogger’s post you get an email with the details of their outfit. Sometimes its awesome, and sometimes you’re like c’mon Kendie just tell me where you got that top right now! To use the service you have to follow LiketoKnowIt’s IG, which introduces you to a range of new bloggers and their cute outfits! Yesterday I was introduced to Elements of Katie and her darling cardigan. Although I’ll be honest, when I liked her post I was hoping to find out where she got what I mistook as a coat. But coat/cardigan/whatever – this yellow/cream striped piece is darling!
  3. I bought James and I these New Mexico Home T’s I had seen on Audrey’s blog. They’re super cute, but sadly I ordered both of us sizes that ended up being way too big. I think they must run large, because the sizing was way off. In any event I’ll be returning both for smaller sizes, and hope to model on here soon! I didn’t actually buy anything this week, and I technically ordered those tees a couple weeks ago, but alas they both came in the mail this week so I’m going to say they’re my favorite item purchased this week since its’ all I got to work with.
  4. On the interwebs this adorable Buzzfeed post is my favorite find this week. My mom is coming into town for Thanksgiving and even though we have a pretty similar style, I think it might be fun to let her pick up my clothes for a couple different occasions and post about it here too.
  5. Its starting to get chilly here, or at least chilly by California standards, I’m sure those of you in New England consider 60 degrees spring-like, but here 60 degrees means people are freaking the heck out. I, however, am loving it. And even though I can recognize this is hardly “cold” the extra chill in the air means SOUP in my tummy. All the soups! Right now this creamy broccoli kale soup is my absolute favorite. My dearest Poo-Love introduced me to this soup last week and we’ve already made it twice… and I’m thinking we’ll be making it again this coming week. It’s crazy healthy, like while eating it I can practically taste the sizable ummm… cleansing… I’ll experience later 😉 but more importantly its freaking delicious! Like how can something so good for you be so healthy? I don’t know people, I don’t know. But this is. Tip: Add some parmesan cheese to kick it up a notch!

Hope you all have are having a fantastic Friday and have something fun planned for the weekend. Like nachos. Nachos are always fun.

Outfit deets:

Pants: LOFT skinny cords (exact)
Top: Cloth & Stone Chambray popover (similar)
Scarf: Feathers via Tolani via Anthropologie from forever ago (similar)
Shoes: KorkEase Michelle Bootie (exact)

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