Blanket scarves all day

blanket scarves all dayI think I may have just found my Thanksgiving outfit.

Just kidding, I’m totally not planning on wearing real pants on a day I don’t have to go to work.

But if I did have to work Thanksgiving, this would be the outfit I’d wanna wear out of the house to celebrate all the cranberry sauce I was gonna eat.

I know I already professed my love to this scarf, but I feel like I need to do it again, because its just so damn cozy. Like if I was sent to live in an abandoned cabin out in the wilderness and could only take 3 items with me this would amongst the selected.

This scarf, wine and nacho makings.

Sweater: Sparrow for Anthropologie via Poshmark (similar)
Jeans: DL1961 Emma Leggings via Poshmark (similar)
Boots: KorkEase Michelle Bootie (exact)
Scarf: BP via Nordstroms (similar)

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