Feeling Monday

stripes on stripesI’m not typically the biggest Monday cheerleader, but after having the week of Thankgiving off with the little man, I could not be more “Go Team! Go!” And by team… I’m referring to Monday.

Today, I’m totally on Team Monday.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my little guy and treasure my time with him. But chasing after an almost-one-year-old with the speed of Speedy Gonzales and the strength of the Incredible Hulk is pretty exhausting.

So yeah, getting back to work today was the closest thing I’ve had to a “break” since two Fridays ago.

And to celebrate the above mentioned “break” I might be wearing a pajama shirt today.

I’m also wearing a sweater that I almost sold on Poshmark but recently fell back in love with… and have been wearing for the last week straight. I bought this sweater a year or so ago on eBay. It’s a Vince sweater, which brand new is stupid expensive. Really stupid. Like if I bought this at Nordstroms it would cost almost $300, stupid. So you can imagine how smart I felt after finding it, gently-used, on eBay for around $50.

But sadly this sweater didn’t see a lot of love last winter. You see, its a blend of alpaca, wool and cashmere so its a little too itchy to wear without a long-sleeve underneath. But last year I started the winter off incredibly pregnant and ended it with a post-baby body that had a bit more girth than I had imagined, and this sweater was already a little snug so wearing it in addition to a long-sleeve wasn’t really working out for me.

While going through my winter clothes awhile ago, I threw this in the sell on Poshmark pile thinking it was still too snug and itchy. But on a whim decided to try it on last week and have been pretty much been wearing it every day since.

Maybe this will end back up in the sell-on-PM pile in a few weeks, but for now, its keeping me mighty warm during this recent cold-spell we’re having.

Top: Gap (exact)
Sweater: Vince (similar)
Jeans: Old Navy mid-rise distressed Rockstar (similar)
Shoes: KorkEase Michelle booties (similar)
Necklace: Local Boutique (similar styles)


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