Uninspired choices

casual outfit choices

I am feeling very uninspired the last week or so… not only in my outfit choices but in my blogging.

I think I’m still feeling a bit of a photo-rut and really wishing I could find the time and place to take better photos for y’all. Maybe even get real adventurous and show you guys my face.

I keep trying to find outfit ideas on Pinterest but lately, I feel like everything I see is either something I’ve already worn or compiled with pieces I do not own. And the latter just leads to trouble… spending trouble… which is something I’m trying not to do right now and at least so far have been pretty successful with. Unless I keep looking at Pinterest.

In any event, today’s outfit is inspired by nothing. But I do have to give myself credit for grabbing something out of my closet and it more-or-less working on the first try. It’s nothing particularly special, but its comfy and really does anything else really matter?

No. The answer is no.

Top: Banana Republic chambray button-down from a long time ago (similar)
V-neck: Everlane the best ever (exact)
Pants: LOFT Modern Skinny Corduroys (exact)
Shoes: Converse Shoreline slip-ons (exact)


3 thoughts on “Uninspired choices

  1. Also I just figured out how to comment! I didn’t think you allowed it on your site but now I see how to do it. Silly me for not noticing earlier 😉 I love this outfit, as simple as it may be. Definitely a classic.

    • hah! yay, thanks for the comment! a few friends have mentioned not thinking they could comment, i might need to change the layout.
      the more i look at this outfit now, the more i like it! funny how outfits you can be sort of meh about when you leave, you might end up to appreciate down the road!

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