back to black (and grey)Happy New Year, everybody!

For the first time since college I had the holiday season off from work! (Actually I had last holiday off too, but I had just had a baby, so I wasn’t exactly “off” for the holidays as I was on maternity leave).

Working in restaurants and news for most of my adult life, the holidays meant little in terms of having time off. But in my new job we had almost two weeks OFF. Like the kind of break you get in school. It was glorious!

We spent most of our break in New Mexico visiting family and friends, which was really nice, but way too short. Whenever we go back home I always feel like we need just one more week.

While home James and I realized how spoiled we’d gotten on the very mild California winters. It snowed a good deal when we were in Santa Fe, and lets just say we were not dressed appropriately. I brought a pair of chucks and my little booties. Neither handled the snow too well. Luckily I did bring my winter jacket from my living in New York days, which helped keep my body warm at least. But this sweater right here ended up being my saving grace. It’s a mix of wool and cashmere and is incredibly warm, and I basically wore it every single day I was home. Even if it wasn’t the sweater I wore “out” it was almost always the sweater I wrapped myself up with as soon as I was “in.”

Funny thing is, I bought this sweater on eBay awhile back and wasn’t really in love with it. I tried it on once, was pretty “meh” about it and decided to list in on Poshmark. But one day I randomly threw it on while heading out of the house and after my first full day of wear, I fell in love with it. I removed the PM listing that day and am so glad I did as this has quickly become one of my favorite sweaters this winter.

So sometimes that saying “one man’s trash is another man’s gold” can hit even closer to home! Like in your very own closet 🙂

Pants: LOFT Modern Skinny Corduroys (exact)
Shirt: Bordeaux by Anthropologie from a long time ago (similar)
Sweater: Vince via eBay (similar)
Shoes: My new Keslie Dagger clogs, you like??? (exact)
Necklace: Madewell via Poshmark (exact)


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