FullSizeRender (4)This week has gone by very very very slooooowly.

And every morning getting out of bed was a little harder than the day before. Maybe its all the rain we’ve been getting, or maybe its that post-holiday funk I mentioned earlier or more likely, perhaps its a combo of both.

But alas, Friday is finally here! And I’m really hoping this weekend will help me reset and get my butt in gear for next week. Or at least more in gear than it was this week.

I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Bri, for today’s Currently post, who was inspired by Anne of In Residence, which I’ve never read before but might have to start now!

And onto what I’m currently…

resolving: to spend less! this blog has certainly made me more aware of my shop-a-holic tendencies. And the new expenses we’ve learned in the last year that come with a baby, have made it abundantly clear how those habits need to stop. To be totally frank, I’ve recently accepted that the reason I’ve lived so close to paycheck to paycheck most of my life has been thanks to my pretty irresponsible spending habits. I’ve always budgeted enough to make sure that all my bills are paid, but whatever I had leftover I counted as free money. Which was fine and dandy when I was a single lady with no one to answer to buy myself, but now I’ve got a household to take into consideration. And that means I need to be saving way more than I’m spending. Fran’s budget posts have always inspired me to think about budgeting better, but her most recent post really inspired me to put my thoughts into action. I know I’ve talked a bit about budget plans in a few posts now, but right now I’m talking about it less and actually putting together a more cohesive budget plan based on my income, shopping habits and needs. I haven’t figured it all out yet, but until I do I’ve resolved to keep my wallet shut. And I’m happy to report than outside of bills and necessities for the family, my wallet hasn’t seen much action lately.

reading: eeeck… nothing! I’ve been so bad about reading lately. I’ve honestly fallen into the Netflix trap and its really taken an inexcusable amount of time away from my reading. That needs to change. Like now. I might not have a ton of extra time to read with the little one, but I do have a shuttle commute and the time I spend playing Words with Friends… so I think I can make time. I’ve got The Night Circus loaded onto my Kindle and so heck, there’s no time like the present, right?

organizing: the house! A friend of mine recently started posting on Facebook about this declutter challenge she’s participating in. I think the challenge is to get rid of 30 things a day. Which sounds like a lot, until you open your medicine cabinet or junk drawer and see how much random shit you accumulate that you just don’t need! While I’m not officially participating in the challenge, I have been on a mission the last week. So far I’ve done some pretty serious purges of my makeup drawer, medicine cabinet, linen closet, bathroom cabinets. I have for the last few months been purging my closet, but I could probably do more on that front.  So that’s my next goal.

loving: ummm… eating? haha, kidding, but not really. because I really do love eating. I mean to be honest, this is probably cliche, but I’m really loving watching my son morph into this little kid. I still ache for those tiny snuggly baby days, but it’s also totally amazing watching this little boy become his own person. And its even crazier to see parts of myself or my husband come out in his personality. There is a lot of stuff I’m currently loving, and perpetually loving, but I guess right now when asked what are you loving right now, my answer has to do with Xan. And chances are, that will continue to be my answer until of course he becomes a teenager. And then chances are he’ll fall into the “What’s driving you batty?” category.

craving: I’m going to copy Bri on this one and say sweets! All those holiday cookies and sweet treats are still running through my veins, ruining any sort of healthy-eating streak I was on pre-holidays. I might give my favorite 21-sugar-free detox a shot in the coming weeks. I’m not big into diets or really anything involving strict eating restrictions… but I do occasionally have luck with this 3 week detox which helps reset my sugar cravings. The hardest part of this detox is the no-drinking part… and to be honest I usually cheat and allow myself wine on the weekends still. I seriously do NOT know how people with kids don’t drink. Maybe I sound like a total lush admitting that out-loud, but it’s true.

Now onto what I’m wearing 😉

Sweater: Anthropologie via Poshmark (similar)
Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar mid-rise distressed (similar)
Scarf: Anthropologie from years ago (similar)
Shoes: J. Crew via eBay (same style but you should look on eBay, Poshmark etc…)


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. That outfit is adorable! Love the color combo and the fab flats. Getting the Kindle app on my phone has upped my reading a ton – always have a book along, and there’s always a few minutes here and there to pick it up… And I think I need to know more about this sugar detox. I’m not much into dieting either, but a reset? Totally needed. Thanks so much for linking up – fun to have found your blog!

    • Hi Anne! I am so happy to have found your blog, too. I started reading Americanuh on my Kindle this weekend and LOVE it. Hope to keep on keeping on with the reading 🙂 I really like the detox and would be happy to email you the PDF if you’re interested? Let me know!

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