One day I love you, one day not so much

neutral casual lookSo this was the first morning in a while where what I put on actually felt pretty cute. Which is pretty ironic, because I wore an almost identical outfit a few weeks ago and felt very meh about it.

What is it that makes us love our closet one week and feel like we literally have nothing to wear the next? I mean the contents are exactly the same. But something in our heads must just do a serious 180 because it seems like many of us are very quick to turn on our closet’s contents. Are we all a bunch of clothing commitment phobes?

I love you! I hate you.

I have the best clothes! Everything in here is awful.

So many pretty things to wear. I have nothing to wear.

And so the cycle goes on.

In any event, today I’m feeling good in this outfit. We’ll see what happens next week.

Pants: DL1961 Emma Jeggings (exact)
Top: Banana Republic from a few years ago (similar)
Chambray Top: Banana Republic also from a few years ago (similar)
Shoes: J. Crew Cece flats (exact on SALE!)


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