mom-i-formAwhile back I read on Audrey’s blog how the cargo jacket had replaced cardigans, for her, as a “completer piece.”

And more and more I am seeing the value in that statement.

It’s nice that cargo jackets look nice and all that jazz, but these days I am super pumped about all the pockets! I mean with a toddler in tow, I need as many places to stuff shit as possible. And cargo anything are basically the holy-grail of optimal spots to stuff, stuff.

I mean at this very minute I have my credit card, cell phone, eyeglass case and work badge put away while on my person! And this last weekend at the grocery store, I had all that (minus the work badge) add an apple-core, half a squeeze pouch, two teething biscuits, a grocery list, a pen and a wad of wet wipes all within the confines of this glorious storage trunk I call a jacket.

I know, I know. It’s a slippery slope of cargo-appreciation before you find yourself wearing a cargo jacket, cargo pants (or shorts in the summer if you wanna let your legs breath), with a fishermen’s vest to complete the look. But don’t worry friends, I’m pretty satisfied at this point with the amount of storage I can pack-on while only wearing a jacket. But I reserve the right to change my mind based on my needs 😉

And to complete my Mom-i-Form I’ve got my favorite skinny jeans, some stripes and comfy flats. I may be at work y’all but I am dressed for the cluuuub. And by the club I mean a park that has bucket swings and a toddler appropriate slide.

And mic drop! Or wait, is that how I even use that metaphor?

Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar mid-rised (similar)
Top: Loft (similar)
Jacket: Hinge via Nordstroms (exact)
Shoes: J. Crew Cece flats (exact)


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